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SQL Azure Private Cloud is now available

Great news from and


David Robinson states “the new Windows Azure platform appliance combines Windows Azure and Microsoft SQL Azure with Microsoft-specified hardware, enabling on-demand IT capacity and faster delivery of new applications. Large enterprises and service provider partners deploying the appliance in their datacenters will have the benefits of the cloud services that Microsoft offers today, while maintaining physical control of location, regulatory compliance and data”. 

Blog Muglia explains the Windows Azure appliance as “The appliance is the same Windows Azure platform we run at Microsoft, and includes Windows Azure and SQL Azure on Microsoft-specified hardware. Using it, service providers, governments and large enterprises will be able to get the control they need, while still getting the benefits of scale, multi–tenancy, and low operational costs.”


With this offering big companies can know built their own private clouds based on Azure.



Ing. Eduardo Castro Martínez, PhD – Microsoft SQL Server MVP

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